Theater as Resistance / RefleXions Detailed proposal 2018-2021

Step 1 - Research in Bucharest and Timișoara: (Capturing moments) – 2018

  • research work in public archives, theater archives, video interviews, documents
  • 2 workshops with possible local partners and collaborators in Timișoara at Aăleu

Theater (second part of 2018)

  • developing and organizing the collection of the Museum of the Communist Consumer founded by Ovidiu Mihăiță and Aăuleu Theater & adding a section dedicated to theater in communism, based on interviews and archives of the three theaters in Timisoara existing before 1989; ideas to grow the visibility of the Museum (promotion, partnerships, tours etc).
  • Organizing an exhibition with objects, printings, posters from the archives of the theatres in Timisoara and public presentations of scenes from old productions reenacted by actors from Aăuleu Theater

Step 2 - Ways of extending the communication with the citizens (Sustaining memories) - 2019-2020

  • Continue research work in public archives
  • publishing the fanzine Theater as Resistance including details about the project and fragments of the interviews and the phases of the research;
  • training members of Auăleu Theater & Merlin Theater for common activities and coordinating the volunteers for activities of the project;
  • interviews & dialogue tables on the theme Theater as resistance with members of the extended theater communities (actors, directors, technical staff, administration, stakeholders) and audience members from different generations (filmed); in the frame of the Museum of the Communist Consumer.

Step 3 - Deliverables - 2021

  • Documentary Theater as resistance including rare documents found in the archives, fragments of the filmed interviews and filmed public discussions (in Romanian, German and Hungarian translated into English) – with international screenings in festivals for documentary film & in Romanian communities abroad;
  • Connecting with the digital platform generated for RefleXions station (platform mentioned in the bid-book) and contributing with micro-narratives connected to the theater community (Knowledge Fields);
  • Interactive and multimedia exhibition including street signaling and wall video projections;
  • Opening the new section dedicated to Theater as Resistance in the Museum of the Communist Consumer;
  • Contest for plays inspired by the Museum of Communist Consumer and the interviews realized in the research process (interviews available online on the digital platform);
  • Subtitles in Romanian, Hungarian German for (at least) selected theater productions in all three theaters for enabling general audience access.

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