In the frame of Theater as Resistance project workshops were important milestones and relevant ways to make sure we stay on track with the archival research and public sharing of the results. The first workshop was organized at the very beginning and involved representatives of all the institutions we had as partners – local theaters, library, and other stakeholders. We needed everybody at the same table in order to decide over the best methodology for the project. We drafted together the steps we need to take in order to reach the objectives of the project.

The second workshop involved relevant personalities connected to all theaters in Timisoara – actors, directors, writers – with a consistent experience in the field before 1989. Even more than we hoped they proved to be repositories of significant memories which fit in the puzzle of our theme, Theater as Resistance, adding more light to what we wanted to recover from that period.


Objects from a performative exhibition

 We selected ten objects which are now history, all connected one to another. For many generations under the communist regime they were desired, used, exchanged, and trafficked, often valued more than their usual prices. To own them meant to be invested with power in various degrees but also, in some cases, to be put in danger. Their possession singled one out of the masses and for this it came with a risk. We included these objects in two separate categories: weapons of cultural resistance and weapons of physical resistance. All in one they are part of what we can call Survival Kit for Communism.

All the objects can be found in the exhibition gallery.

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